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The Beacon Hill Towers of St. Martin/Sint Maarten, Netherlands Dutch Antilles are fully serviced vacation rental condominiums, conveniently located near all popular beaches and tourist areas. These Saint Maarten vacation rental condos come fully furnished with American styled kitchens, full bedrooms and baths. The largest unit is a split level 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse styled condominiums and have access to terraces on each level with spectacular views of the Caribbean sea.

The Beacon Hill Towers of St. Maarten, Dutch Netherlands Antilles vacation rental condominiums are located within walking distance of the beautiful and little known beaches at Burgeaux Bay and and Simpson Bay.


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St. Martin is famous for its beaches. They are great in number and each distinctively attractive.

Deep-Sea Fishing:

The offshore waters offer a wide and challenging variety of gamefish including marlin, tuna, dolphinfish, barracuda, and kingfish. The Marlin Cup occurs in the month of May and the Saint-Martin Billfish Tournament takes place here every year in the month of June. Boats can be chartered at reasonable rates all year long, although some of the fish are only in season in these waters from December through March. Charters typically include bait, tackle, and some form of refreshment.

Diving & Snorkeling:

Visibility in the waters around the island of Saint Maarten typically extends for about 100 feet and sometimes can even reach up to 200 feet. The coral reefs offer a wide variety of sea life, and just off the coast of St. Maarten in the Great Bay lies the wreck of an English battleship dating back to 1801. Dive operators may be found at many of the major resorts and hotels as well as at a number of independent shops around the island. Instruction from beginning to advanced is readily available, and certified divers should remember to bring their licenses as well as their diving logs. Equipment may be rented easily, and snorkeling is especially inexpensive. The Dolphin Club is opened for children (5-12) during July & August as well as for the Christmas & Easter vacations. Your children can take any snorkeling equipment for free.

Water Sports:

Saint Maarten offer a wide variety of water activities for you to enjoy during your vacation. Enjoy some of the caribbean's best windsurfing, water-skiing, parasailing, jet-skiing and kayak tours are activities that are regularly offered at the more popular beaches and in the inland lagoons. Rental and instruction tend to be fairly inexpensive.


Small boats, like Sunfish and Sailfish, may be rented out at many of the hotels, and larger craft can also be chartered from a number of different operators around the island for longer trips to more isolated spots like the Ilet Pinel. Sailing instruction is also included if desired. For racing enthusiasts, a number of regattas are held here every year usually at the end of March.


For those who want to experience the natural beauty of the island on foot, there are 25 miles of clearly defined footpaths running through the mountains and along the shore, revealing some truly spectacular panoramic views.

Although many areas of Saint Maarten are quite developed, there are a surprising number of enjoyable hiking trails on the island. Many of the most popular hiking trails are in the forested central mountains, offering beautiful views of the island. There are also a number of trails in the lower hills and coastlines where the natural beauty of the island may still be seen.

Horseback Riding:

The Coralita Beach Resort operates a small stable and rents out horses for romantic rides along the beach.


The one 18-hole golf course on the island is located on the Dutch side of St. Maarten nearby at Mullet Bay. The course is open to all visitors; call ahead to reserve a slot.

Dining & Dancing:

St. Martin is perhaps most famous for its restaurants and the elegance of its cuisine. From the most sumptuous of French delicacies to the tangy blends of Creole cooking to more exotic tastes like Chinese and East Indian, the island provides a wide variety of restaurants, bistros, brassieres, and barbecue shacks called lolos that delight even the most sophisticated of gourmets. The St. Martinois take a deserved pride in their cooking, which approaches something of an art form here. For dinner at most of the more fashionable dining spots, reservations are definitely recommended, although usually they are not necessary at lunch time. Many places also provide music for dancing, as do the many nightclubs around the island. Bands play a variety of zouk, calypso, reggae, jazz, and pop.

Duty-Free Shopping:

One of the great attractions of the island has been the duty-free shopping available on both sides of the island. Luxury items from all over the world, French and Italian clothing fashions, Dutch and Japanese electronics, Indonesian batiks and Chinese embroidery, jewelry, leather, crystal, liquors, and fine porcelain, free of all taxes and customs, are regularly offered at bargain prices. The French side also provides a more leisurely shopping experience since the crowds from the cruise ships tend to be attracted more to the Dutch side.


French St. Martin does not have any casinos; however, just a short ride away, are eight casinos on the Dutch side. Most hotels provide round-trip transportation to the casinos.

Local Events

Every April the infectious Caribbean Carnivalis a mix of dancing, music and parades that takes over the little island of St Maarten/St Martin. There are three parades: one for kids, one for teenagers, and a grand one for everyone on the final day. Pick out the familiar Caribbean rhythms in the impromptu jamming. Bands entertain thousands of revellers at the celebrated J'ouvert - a jump-up party - and the finale features the burning of King Momo, a straw figure who embodies the spirit of carnival. The legend goes that by burning King Momo, sins and bad luck are purged, purifying the island and filling it with optimism for the future.

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